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New figures on the state of the telecommunications services industry worldwide have shown the sector to be functioning extremely successfully, with VoIP provider revenue being cited as helping towards the strong combined global performance.

The figures, based on a report by telecommunications market analysts, Ovum, reveal that in 2010 the total combined revenue from telecommunications services providers based around the globe stood at an impressive $1.85 trillion, a rise of four per cent on the previous year.

The increase has been greeted with much relief, given that the figures for 2009 had shown total worldwide revenue from telecommunications services to have actually fallen by four per cent.

Other figures presented by the Ovum report have also demonstrated an improvement in the picture regarding capital expenditure among telecommunications service providers across the globe. Although the level of capital spend by telecommunications services companies actually fell by three per cent during 2010, this was far less than the 9 per cent drop experienced across the industry in 2009.

Taken as a whole, the telecommunications services sector is, in the words of the Ovum report’s author, Matt Walker, ‘returning to sustainable growth’.

The important part believed to have been played by VoIP (voice over internet protocol) in this improved showing for the telecommunications industry is also reflected in a recent report by research company, Infonetics, which predicts that consumer and business VoIP services will together account for a total worldwide market worth $74.5 billion by 2015.

The business VoIP services segment in particular has drawn much interest worldwide, given the considerable cost savings that internet protocol (IP) telephony offers companies on their phone calls; as well as the added features it offers regular users of business phone systems, such as electronic phone directories and easy to arrange conference calling.

Callum Byrnes