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UK telecommunications giant, BT, has reached an agreement with US company Motive for the deployment of the latter’s sophisticated quality control management system, ServiceView, across BT’s entire broadband network.

The ServiceView system will provide BT’s customer service representatives with a complete visual picture of its broadband cable feeds, thereby enabling them to quickly locate and identify any faults that might occur. The system also offers built-in automated fault diagnosis and rectification capabilities.

Although BT has used some of Motive’s products in the past, this is the first time the telecommunications company will have used ServiceView.

It is hoped that by using the ServiceView system BT will be able to guarantee its domestic and business customers the most reliable high speed broadband facilities, together with the fastest possible resolution of any customer complaints.

BT is currently involved in a massive expansion of its superfast fibre-optic cable network across the UK, the beneficiaries of which are expected to include those businesses keen to access complex data transmissions over the internet, and value added internet-based services such as business VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

Business VoIP is already proving popular across the country, given its ability to save companies money on the cost of phone calls – whether through the installation of companies’ own VoIP business phone systems, or via the services of a business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller.

Some may hope that further savings for companies might accrue through BT’s adoption of ServiceView. According to BT’s managing director of customer service, Warren Buckley, ServiceView will not only improve the efficiency and smooth running of BT’s broadband network, it will also ultimately help the telecommunications provider ‘achieve our cost reduction goals’; cost reductions which, some will hope, might ultimately be reflected in reduced costs for BT’s broadband customers.

Callum Byrnes