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Leading VoIP handset manufacturer, Snom, has created an innovative and eye-opening video showcasing its full product range.

As well as featuring its latest state of the art gadgets, Snom has apparently pleasantly surprised many potential buyers by focussing on some successful yet extremely simple to use and – in many cases – inexpensive models.

Snom internet protocol (IP) telephony handsets have long been favoured by many different VoIP (voice over internet protocol) users. The manufacturer’s clients range from those who have their own in-house set-up to others who receive their handsets as part of their agreement with a hosted business VoIP provider or business VoIP reseller.

The new video, which is available to download online from the main Snom site, is designed to show potential customers how handsets from its range can improve a business’s productivity.

Among the products featured on the video is the Snom 821 OCS edition. This highly versatile piece of equipment is shown primarily as an extremely straightforward VoIP tool that can, for example, allow the user to communicate his or her absence at any one time, through the use of buttons stating ‘do not disturb’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘busy’, or ‘away’.

The OCS edition is also singled out for its ability to be securely locked, as well as for its extensive directory and contacts search functions.
Being available online, the Snom video has the advantage of course of being continually updated as and when required.

Commentators have noted how modest in price some of the handsets shown on the site are, with basic models such as the Snom 300, 320 and 370 said to be capable of fulfilling all the key functions required of a VoIP handset but at a more than accessible price. Quite a few Snom products are even said to be available at less than $100.

Callum Byrnes