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A new survey has revealed that most businesses in the UK believe their current broadband connections are not as reliable or as future-proof as they could be. They have also criticised their internet service providers (ISPs) for what they see as inadequate levels of customer service.

The survey shows that dissatisfaction among UK businesses with regard to their current broadband service to be as high as 83%.

Ironically, according to the survey, almost 65% of UK businesses said they were happy with their current broadband speeds. What the survey revealed, however, was that for over 50% of businesses speed was a less important consideration than reliability and customer service.

The survey also showed that a factor behind the 83% of those businesses who expressed unhappiness with their broadband connection was a fear that their facility would not be able to handle additional broadband services in the future.

Interestingly, the survey showed that whilst for 77% of the businesses surveyed the performance reliability factor was crucial to their workflow, the cost of the broadband service did not come across as a significant concern.

Broadband connections have been shown to be vitally important in helping businesses stay competitive by way of the crucial value added services that these connections can facilitate; including video and data transmissions, and business VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

Most experts further believe that business VoIP in particular will in the very near future develop far beyond basic internet protocol (IP) telephony provision and allow companies greater control and flexibility over other key services such as video conferencing.

It is against this vision that the survey’s statistic showing that 83% of businesses fear for the future viability of their broadband connections obviously begins to take on an urgent dimension.

Callum Byrnes