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Irwin Mitchell, a successful law firm operating in centres based throughout the UK, has successfully upgraded its business phone systems and data communications links through the implementation of internet protocol, IP, telephony and business VoIP, voice over internet protocol, technologies.

Irwin Mitchell is reported to have made its decision to switch to IP telephony and business VoIP solutions largely on the basis of the conclusion that its on-going telephony costs were becoming too high.

The firm employs more than 2,000 staff, operating out of nine offices across the country; it was these operational factors which are understood to have been the main driver behind Irwin Mitchell’s original excessive telephony costs.

The eventual IP telephony and business VoIP solutions adopted by Irwin Mitchell are understood to have involved the provision of voice telephony via a host business VoIP provider; together with the use of session initiation protocol, SIP, trunking to replace the firm’s ISDN lines.

Commenting on the implementation of its new telephony solutions, Irwin Mitchell’s senior network specialist, Jerry Fisher said that in addition to bringing about the desired cost savings, using the services of its business VoIP provider had provided the law firm with “extra resilience and backup…stability and resilience across the organisation” and “excellent peace of mind…maintaining IT and telecommunications services for over 2,000 people across the business.”

Along with the capacity of IP telephony and business VoIP to offer improved management over the scalability of business phone systems, these advantages have been cited by many other firms with similar experiences of switching to these new technologies.

It is understood that the implementation of the IP telephony and business VoIP solutions for Irwin Mitchell was carried out in organised stages so as to limit the impact of the work on the firm’s day-to-day operations.

Callum Byrnes