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East Anglia-based insurance broker, Ryan Insurance, has adopted a new, state of the art VoIP solution for its business phone systems.

Following a short trial to ensure that all service quality requirements were met, the company says the system is now fully implemented, and reaction among its workforce has been ‘incredibly positive’.

The company says it was originally attracted to business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) because of the prospects of lower phone costs; business VoIP, in common with all internet protocol (IP) telephony solutions, is much cheaper to use than traditional telephone company phone lines, and companies all over the world are finding they can make substantial savings on their monthly phone costs by switching to business VoIP.

Ryan Insurance adds however that its new business VoIP solution has conferred many additional benefits on the company.

Firstly, it has enabled the company to control all telephone connections between its branches from just one central exchange hub. The flexibility of IP telephony also means that it can easily add or remove additional extensions without the need for any physical engineering work.

Secondly, it has enabled Ryan Insurance to send and receive data as well as voice messages, without any degradation in quality. IP telephony is able to do this because it converts all communications into compressed ‘packets’, enabling voice, data, emails, and even faxes, to be received via the same channels.

Thirdly, because Ryan Insurance has chosen to use the services of a business VoIP provider, it has benefitted from being able to access expert technical and logistical assistance on a continuing basis. As Ryan Insurance’s support services director, Trevor Ward, says of his host VoIP team: ‘they have always been on hand with advice and assistance to help us navigate through every complex area of our connectivity’.

Callum Byrnes