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A recent survey has revealed that the relatively low cost of adopting business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is one of the main reasons why many companies decide to go down the business VoIP route.

The survey, by US technology advisory company, WhichVoIP, based its findings on feedback from its own business customers, regarding why they had eventually decided to adopt business VoIP over more traditional telephone line-based business phone systems.

According to the survey, almost 80% of respondents cited the relatively low cost of adopting business VoIP as a major determining factor in helping them come to a decision.

At the same time, 60% of respondents cited the high level of functionality of business VoIP (such as off-site access to office telephone connections, and the capacity to instantly add or reduce the number of connections without the need for physical rewiring) as also having a powerful influence over their eventual system choice.

Business VoIP is of course renowned for being highly accessible to cost-conscious small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), owing to the lower capital costs required for its adoption.

This is particularly so for those businesses opting for a hosted solution via a remote business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller. In such instances all necessary business VoIP equipment is provided by the host, together with guaranteed round the clock maintenance provision.

Some businesses find that it may not even be necessary to completely decommission their existing private telephone exchange, since the latter can often be adapted to receive internet protocol (IP) telephony signals via such means as session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking.

Costs also tend to be more favourable with business VoIP in terms of the monthly telephone bill; since the system generally bypasses the need to rely on expensive telephone company line tariffs.

Callum Byrnes