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Leading global market analysis firm Infonetics Research has produced a new study which, it says, demonstrates the increasing demand for unified communications (UC) solutions among enterprises across all regions worldwide.

The new study – the Enterprise UC, VoIP, and TDM report – is the latest in a series of quarterly surveys carried out by Infonetics Research into the ongoing development of these markets.

UC –whereby communications over different channels and transmissions, converge at a single convenient and user-friendly point – was found by the report to have enjoyed consistent growth, with one UC application in particular benefitting from growth of 40% between July and September when compared with the previous quarter.

The report also found that the market for business phone systems exchange equipment had grown by 2.8% between the second and third quarters of this year – including equipment for exchanges based on business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and internet protocol (IP) telephony connections.

It is, however, the wider scope for UC applications presented by technologies including IP telephony that the report suggests now holds a greater pull for enterprises.

Commenting on the report’s findings, Infonetics Research’s chief VoIP, UC and IMS analyst Diane Myers said:

“UC applications have been a real sweet spot. The demand for tools that aid employee productivity and flexibility is fuelling growth in this segment.”

It is certainly true that there has been a growing interest in deploying IP telephony applications which permit users to receive the content of communications such as faxes via the same desktop terminals they regularly use to receive communications by email.

IP telephony has also been increasingly favoured in the last year or so for its strong convenience factor – by allowing staff to send and receive communications via the same extension number regardless of location or whether or not their company’s main office is physically accessible.

Callum Byrnes