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We’ve updated the hardware section of our site with new products from our partners.



Yealink Phones End of Life

The following models are now End of Life:
Yealink T22PN & Yealink T28PN.

New Yealink Products

Yealink T23GN

The cost effective T23GN IP business phone features an intuitive user interface with secure provisioning as well as HD audio for crystal clear voice quality. The T23GN is ideal for those based in small and large office environments who require Gigabit Ethernet and access to a wide range of enhanced features.

Yealink T27PN

Yealink’s T27PN is a feature-rich SIP phone designed to offer crystal clear sound quality. It uses standard encryption protocols to provide secure remote provisioning. This Optima HD SIP phone is headset compatible and offers a rich user experience, boasting a wealth of functionality, including SCA, BLF, 3-way conference and paperless labels. The T27PN can also be expanded using the EXP39B module.

Yealink T29GN

The Yealink T29GN is a dual port gigabit executive IP phone that includes a high resolution TFT colour display as well as Optima HD technology, to provide a rich visual and audio experience and a user friendly interface. It also offers support for both corded and wireless headsets and incorporates a USB port which can be used to connect Bluetooth headsets using a Yealink BT40 Bluetooth dongle. The feature-rich VoIP handset also supports up to 6 expansion modules.

All pricing is within the Metis portal but the immediate benefits see the T23 and T27 models at a lower cost point to their predecessors.



Gigaset Phones End of Life

The following products are now end of life:
Gigaset S510H PRO

New Gigaset Product

Gigaset S650H PRO

The Gigaset S650H Pro DECT handset is designed and optimised for everyday office environments and offers an intuitive user-friendly experience, it is also finished with high-quality polymer making the handset scratch and disinfectant resistant.

The handset comes with Gigaset‘s business features enriched with Bluetooth, vibrate and audio profiles, this allows the phone to adapt to your personal needs in specific situations. The S650H Pro features a micro-usb port which allows for future software updates to support Gigaset DECT networks.

  • Icon-based user interface with 1,8” TFT illuminated display and keypad
  • Hands-free calls with a Bluetooth® or 2.5 mm jack headset connected
  • Powerful battery – 12 hours of talk time
  • Exchange phone numbers, address information, ringtones, pictures and more via Bluetooth® or micro-USB



New snom Product

snom D7 Expansion

snom’s D7 expansion module features 18 multi-color LED keys which are programmable with all available functions from the snom range. The high-resolution display provides a clear, concise visual interface which can be customised and labelled through the phone’s web interface or via the phone itself.

  • 18 configurable self-labeling LED keys
  • High-resolution black & white display
  • Daisy chain up to 3 modules
  • Plug and play
  • Power supplied by phone via USB port
Callum Byrnes