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September 21, 2015 | Callum Douglas - Byrnes

Metis Reskin FAQs

In short, the whole look and feel of Metis will change. There’s a new interface being applied which we hope will make using the portal a better experience. Navigating the portal will remain more or less the same but with updated side and top navigation bars.

No. All functionalities will remain the same. There’s nothing in the current Metis portal which you will not be able to do once we release the reskin. Layouts have been amended but all reports, diagnostics and service tables are still there!

At this point the main objective is to reskin the portal and then build functionalities on top of that. However, we will be releasing one new functionality within the Manage Services section of Metis.

The manage services section will be changing once we release the reskin. It will now bear more of a resemblance to the Call Rates section.

Previously where you had to individually change each service’s price point you will now be able to apply an overall % markup. You will be able to update multiple customer accounts at once using this tool.

Updating your customer’s services can be done in 3 ways:

Applying an overall % markup

You will be able to apply a % markup to all service categories including; VoIP Services, Numbering, IP Phones, Headsets, Routers & Network, Door Entry, Accessories, Broadband, Broadband Ancillary, Leased Line, WLR3, WLR3 Ancillary, Custom Services. By doing this you will increase your customer’s rate by taking whatever service charges you have on your account and applying the given % markup.

Applying a % markup to a category

You will be able to apply a % markup to an individual service category, e.g. VoIP Services.

Applying a markup to an individual service

You will also be able to apply a fixed price to an individual service, just like how it was performed historically.

Furthermore, there will be an option to opt your customer into receiving Service Update emails. By checking this box it means they will receive an email whenever Packnet updates a service charge giving the customer their new rate as per your % markup. Packnet customers will receive this automatically.

We strongly recommend using the new % markup system as it will update your customer’s service charges automatically whenever we make an update to your own.

Absolutely. Training customers to use the portal is something we’ve always done. If you feel as if you would benefit from training then please contact us on 0161 660 2350.

No, all login details will remain the same. If you are unsure of your login details then please contact support on 0161 660 2350 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

No. All phone configuration details will remain the same and will still be accessible via your Metis account.

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