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BeyondTrust, a leading supplier of security software solutions for corporate IT management departments, has successfully implemented a new business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) network, linking its offices in the UK, California, Massachusetts and Washington.

The new business VoIP system was procured as a replacement for the company’s long-standing conventional network of PBX-based business phone systems.

The company says it decided on the switch to business VoIP after learning that its desire to add the carriage of data services along its existing phone lines would have meant increasing its telecommunications costs by more than 30%.

As well as finding in business VoIP technology a more flexible and cost-effective telecommunications network solution, BeyondTrust also decided to take up the option of accessing the technology via the services of a host business VoIP provider; thereby eliminating the need to install expensive in-house internet protocol (IP) telephony equipment.

Commenting on the success of the company’s business VoIP take-up, BeyondTrust’s director of information technology, Jay Kaffai, said that the new system had provided a ‘consistently high quality voice experience’, and had shown itself to be both ‘secure’ and ‘robust’:

‘We have not had any disruptions in service since migrating…nearly six months ago’, he said; adding, ‘any anxiety that I had moving such a business critical service to a hosted platform has been put to rest’.

Kaffai also pointed to an additional advantage of the business VoIP system; that of scalability, coupled with the ability to quickly integrate the system into additional premises:

‘It was…critical that we could roll out new locations and scale our operations quickly’, he said. ‘The provisioning process for a new location would have taken months with our old on-premise solution’. With business VoIP, he said, ‘the process is measured in days and weeks’.

Callum Byrnes