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The significant benefits generally claimed for business VoIP adoption have been roundly affirmed by major US medical supplies company, QuickMedical.

Business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) systems are often favoured for their scalability; and QuickMedical says it decided to carry out the implementation of its new VoIP phone system following frustrations with its previous system’s inability to keep pace with the company’s current outstanding growth.

Warren Strasen, QuickMedical’s Chief Operating Officer, explained that the new VoIP system ‘scales and grows across as many sites, or as many continents, as we need’.

Strasen added that one major advantage of the system was that it was compatible across the entire company’s operations. ‘It integrates with our business applications so we get more out of our most valuable assets: people and information’, he said.

The company has also revealed several other benefits from its new business VoIP system; with for example, cost savings on phone network administration. In the words of QuickMedical’s IT director, Bobby Beaulieu:

‘This system reduces costs by streamlining our business processes, putting critical information in reach, and eliminating missed calls and expensive third party conference services’

‘We anticipate the system will pay for itself in about a year’, Beaulieu added.

No less short on praise for the company’s new business VoIP system, QuickMedical’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Hannah, confirmed:

‘This is without doubt one of the best business investments we have made’.

The business VoIP system, she said, was ‘designed to meet the needs of all our users; executives, operators, remote workers, and call centre supervisors’; adding that, like all internet protocol (IP) telephony and business VoIP systems, ‘the system totally integrates with our company’s computers, mobile cell phones, and even home phones’.

Callum Byrnes