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Ekinops, an Israel-based supplier and designer of next-gen optical equipment, along with its partner, Rotal Networks, has provided telecommunications company Bezeq with Ekinops 360, its high-end optical transport platform. It is thought that Bezeq will use the product’s optical performance to increase the capacity of its fibre network.

Bezeq is on a mission to deploy an advanced next-gen network in order to support IP telephony broadband services to both its business and residential customers.

Bezeq’s director of data engineering and transport, Itzik Cohen, said:

“Half of the country is already connected to the new NGN and in 2011 we expect to reach 80 per cent. Every week thousands of new homes are being connected and we need to have the optical backbone to support this growth.”

Cohen went on to say that the new platform is cost-effective, and will allow the firm to consolidate multiple fibres into one. This will free up cables for other revenue opportunities.

The network optimises Bezeq’s current optical infrastructure through the consolidation of data traffic that comes from multiple fibre optic cables onto just one with DWDM technology. This enables Bezeq to claim and use its own fibre cables.

Ekinops’ global sales vice president, Jonathan Amir, said that a substantial amount of finance and resources is being invested by Bezeq in order to maintain the firm’s leadership position. He said that Bezeq is utilising next-gen technology so that it can support a world with a thirst for high-speed web access and technology that is cutting edge. Amir voiced how proud Ekinops are to be among the companies in Bezeq’s NGN network.

The Ekinops 360 is the bedrock for the improved Bezeq network and provides CWDM and DWDM in one solution, addressing long haul, regional and metro applications. It further provides features which a range of industry-leading features.

Callum Byrnes