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The seaside town of Eastbourne is set to benefit from a new high speed fibre optic broadband network. The new network will provide businesses across the town with a potential download speed of up to one Gigabit per second.

The new network is to be provided via a special arrangement involving Eastbourne Borough Council.

Under the arrangement the council will invest £367,000 in broadband infrastructure supply company, CloudConnX, which will in turn develop the town’s new broadband network.

As well as benefitting the community, Eastbourne Borough Council says its investment in CloudConnX also stands to provide the local authority with a future return over the next five years over and above the £367,000 originally laid down.

The new high speed broadband service, which is expected to launch in January next year, will run in parallel with Eastbourne’s existing, but less sophisticated, broadband network.

Commenting on the move, leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, David Tutt, said:

“The council’s corporate plan makes a clear commitment to the support of the economy in Eastbourne, and the provision of super-fast wireless broadband represents a significant contribution to this strategic objective.”

The need for business quality broadband has been echoed by many business and community leaders throughout the UK and worldwide; not only can high speed broadband greatly increase the speed and capacity of data communications via email, but the technology can also help provide value added services such as internet protocol (IP) telephony and business VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

Business VoIP in particular, whether accessed through specialist equipment installed in-house; via conventional private business exchanges adapted for internet access through session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking; or by way of the services of a business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller; has been proven to offer increased capacity for off-site working, easier management of internal connections on business phone systems, and reduced phone costs.

Callum Byrnes