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Hundreds of businesses and homes throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are set to benefit from faster broadband than they are presently used to, with the issuing of a tender for the next generation of connectivity.

It is a contract with a value of up to £100m, and could pave the way for significant and sustained growth by many companies and local businesses across the region.

With a fibre-optic based infrastructure promising speeds far faster than today’s copper-based network allows, online operations will be enhanced significantly. With the use of business VoIP accelerated too, the savings in costs and time will both be welcomed by business owners.

The tender is quite clear in what is required by those bidding for the contract.

The Official Journal of the European Union tender states that this latest infrastructure will have to provide access to a network capable of 2Mbps as a minimum. This access will need to be provided to at least 90% of all buildings across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough by late 2014 / early 2015.

It goes on to say that all bids will need to consider how demand for the service will be increased, and calls for innovative and collaborative approaches to be outlined.

The move is the latest in a growing list from county councils, as Britain moves forward in its plans to introduce fast speed internet services across most of the country. A key part to the government’s plans for growth in the future, empowering businesses in rural areas is a major goal.

This is one of the largest contracts announced so far, with a total value throughout the lifetime of the contract estimated to be between £60m and £100m.

The cost will be met by the wining supplier, and also made up of contributions from Cambridge County Council, Peterborough County Council and Broadband Delivery UK, the government body.

Callum Byrnes