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The business world is truly starting to grasp the benefits that VoIP can have for their companies, with lower call costs and greater connectivity available. However, the consumer market for the technology still remains largely untapped, with many being wholly unaware of its benefits.

The issue with consumer use of VoIP is largely one of a lack of information. Though Skype has a significant number of UK users, the numbers across the board are still disappointing. Many people do not understand or even know it widely available, let alone understand the benefits.

There is also the logistical side of things.

Very few homes throughout the country have access to a naked DSL (digital subscriber line). This lack of availability requires both an analogue and DSL to be paid for, reducing any cost savings and causing initial hassles that most would rather do without.

It is an issue which can affect business telephone systems too. The lack of DSL accessibility means that VoIP simply isn’t used as much as it otherwise could be. However, SMEs are leading the charge.

Though the number of businesses employing it successfully throughout their operations is growing, it remains largely a secondary line to standard phone lines. It is also used as a backup service in many instances.

It is a definite rising curve though and with satisfaction rates high with the service that is provided – a recent US survey showed a 98% satisfaction rate – growth in the sector is set to be consistent over the forthcoming years.

Indeed, a researcher at In-Stat in the UK, Amy Cravens, recently suggested that the global number of business VoIP users cold treble throughout the whole of 2012.

The rate of take-up could even be higher than this and will almost certainly be so in following years, as digital companies who understand that IP telephony is a strategy designed for success grow hugely in size across the UK.

Callum Byrnes