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Chelsea Piers, a mammoth sports and leisure activity complex in the US, has announced the adoption of a new single state-of-the-art business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system covering all of the five locations across the organisation’s 28-acre site.

The complex-cum-village, which offers facilities for a wide range of activities including gymnastics, indoor sports fields and keep fit – as well as shops, restaurants and even television studios – has, according to vice president and communications director Stuart Sheinbaum, benefitted significantly from its new business VoIP adoption.

Speaking about the new system, Sheinbaum says:
“[It has] delivered on our top three goals: standardisation on an affordable, reliable platform; reduced business telephone costs; and the ability to self-administrate.”

The network, which can be accessed by all staff regardless of where they are in the complex, benefits from easy-to-use features, such as four-digit extension dialling and an integrated common voicemail service.

Other added-value features, such as automated call rerouting and paging facilities, are also provided with the new platform

The complex itself has also benefitted from not having to overhaul its existing business phone systems in order to access internet protocol (IP) telephony signals.

In addition, the Chelsea Piers system permits managers to control and organise key aspects of the service – such as the number of extensions in use by staff – simply through the click of a button on a PC or laptop, without even needing to leave their desk.

This centralised control has also reduced the need to call on business phone systems professionals whenever such changes need to be made.

Last, but by no means least, in addition to gaining Chelsea Piers greater efficiency and flexibility, the new service has managed to achieve this whilst also simultaneously providing the organisation with considerable cost savings.

Chelsea Piers claims to now be financially better off each year to the tune of $26,000.

Callum Byrnes