A Business VoIP System That Doesn't Cost The Earth

Drive Down Costs & Increase Productivity With PackNet's Business VoIP Solutions


If you are looking for a fully managed telephony service to install into new premises or to replace or enhance your existing system, with minimal or no capital expenditure, then the PackNet business VoIP solution is ideal for you.

//What You Get

With our business extensions setup you get all the main features of the system within one monthly rental. This includes but isn't limited to Call Routing, Voicemail to Email, Fax to Email, and IVR functionality. The package is tailored to your needs and there are lots of extras. We keep the things we bill you for to a minimum and don't confuse you with multiple license fees.

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Standard Services

  • Audio conferencing
  • Call forwarding
  • Customised CLI
  • Hunt call groups
  • IVR/Auto-attendant
  • Min contract length
  • Music on hold
  • Online call logs and invoicing
  • Online Portal Access
  • Time of day routing
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail notification
  • 999 Emergency Services access

Optional Services

  • Call Recording

Technical Info

  • Codecs supported - G729a, G711u and G711a
  • Concurrent calls per number - 5
  • Protocols - SIP, IAX2

//How Much Does it Cost?

Our wholesale rates start from as little as £7 per month per user for a fully functioning business VoIP phone system.

//No Lock ins – 30 Day Contract

All our business telephone services are subject to 1 month minimum contract term. From there on its rolling and you can scale up or scale down your services as your business needs them.

//How Do I Do It?

Well start off by contacting us to discuss your business telephone system requirements, and to talk through your options.

//The Finer Details

PackNet's business VoIP system offers a scalable alternative to a traditional premise based voice solution (PBX). Through the use of our hosted business telephone solution, we work with companies throughout the UK to setup and manage their telecom's requirements using our infrastructure. As part of our service we also offer a VoIP reseller solution, allowing you to use a white-labelled version of our business VoIP offering, to build value within your business whilst utilising the knowledge and experience that we have gained building this solution.

Get Started Today, Scalable, low cost, feature rich, no lock-in (30 day contract), business VoIP system.