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Packnet are very happy to announce the partnership with in what we see as a very exciting and progressive project. Whosintown is the brainchild of David Henderson, Paul Stayner and our very own Andrew Montgomery, and seeks to become the worlds foremost networking site for the business traveller.

Here are some links to what the founders have to say about the project:

Paul Stayner: Whosintown Site Launch
David Henderson: Team WIT

From a Packnet perspective is what we are all about. Its allows us to work on a long term project and to flex both our intellectual and technical muscles. Additionally the ambitious development roadmap will see new and exciting developments using cutting edge technology and best internet practises to deliver a superior web experience to the users of

There will be more to add on this project on both the Packnmet and Whosintown blogs so keep up to date by adding the RSS feed.

Useful Links
Whosintown Blog

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