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Businesses across the globe will likely seek ways of cutting down on expenditure and making an improvement to the bottom line, thanks to slow progress in the economic climate. One way in which they are expected to do this is by introducing business VoIP technology.

The economy in the UK contracted again from October to December in 2012 and some commentators have expressed concerns that the country could yet see a triple-dip recession as little growth is expected in the first quarter of 2013.

This means that it is of high importance for businesses to find where savings can be made. One way this could be achieved is by embracing VoIP technology.

A rising number of businesses are deserting their conventional phone service and embracing VoIP instead due to it being a more cost-effective way of communicating with their staff. Unlimited plans are typically offered by providers so businesses have no need to be concerned over the prospects of high monthly phone bills.

A VoIP Review report emphasised the savings companies can make by employing business VoIP in 2013.

It said that each call is indistinct from a local call so providers can easily offer an unlimited plan.

The publication stated:

“As a result, many providers also offer free or unlimited calling options to international destinations. Many providers offer an hour of free international calling every month, or plans with unlimited calling to certain destinations.”

With laptops, tablets and mobile phones commonplace among employees the world over, VoIP could well be a great way for business owners to ensure that their staff are on top of things.

Also, with associated cost savings made by switching to VoIP, the change could pay for itself soon enough. This reason alone could be enough to expect a huge increase in businesses employing VoIP technology in 2013.

Callum Byrnes