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Although not normally considered a ‘public relations’ or ‘image making’ tool, business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) has in fact shown itself to be a key factor in helping individual companies maintain or even improve their standing in the eyes of potential customers.

The first, and perhaps most obvious way in which business VoIP can bolster a firm’s reputation, is through its ability to allow customer calls to reach company staff even where those staff are unable to gain access to their normal place of business; such as during adverse weather conditions.

Since business VoIP, like all internet protocol (IP) telephony, only depends on an available internet facility in order to function, staff are able to take calls on the same customer service telephone numbers regardless of where they might happen to be. This is particularly apt advantage for the smaller firm which might not have access to a designated disaster recovery building.

The consequence is that customer confidence is maintained, and the firm’s reputation remains intact.

Many companies often go one better by taking their VoIP services from a remote hosted business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller. The advantage of this is that technical issues are monitored 24 hours a day, with the best advice always being close at hand.

A second example of a way in which business VoIP can help raise a firm’s profile in the eyes of its customers is in how it helps facilitate both easier call re-routing and simpler additions to the number of extensions within a firm. Thus, when a call may need to be passed through a chain of command, or during periods of peak demand, the customer is never left waiting long.

Callum Byrnes