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Snom lifts the lid on new PA system

IP telephony hardware manufacturer Snom has announced its first PA system capable of announcement broadcasting using a VoIP enabled telephone.

The new device will allow anybody with a SIP based internet telephone to be integrated as part of their public address system. The hardware, which has been christened the PA1, is to have its first public outing at the Hanover CeBIT (Centre of Office and Information technology), due to take place this March.

The company say that the PA1 is suitable for use in many different situations and business environments, including office reception areas. It has an integrated amplifier with four watts of power, making it suitable for larger conference rooms. If more volume is need, external amplification or speakers can be connected using two audio connections.

The PA1 boasts a simple design, and is accessed by its own phone number, meaning that it can easily become part of any business telephone system. More small to medium enterprises are taking advantage of IP telephony; not only does it offer a cost saving over traditional landline telephone services, but it offers a huge degree of flexibility. Calls can be diverted to employees not present in the office, or to telecommuters, and it’s this versatility that snom seek to exploit. Although the PA1 is designed primarily for its own OCS equipment, it can be installed in any hardware offered by a business VoIP provider.

The Sales Manager for snom UK, Nelly Monkhouse, commented:

“We are really pleased to add the PA1 to our product portfolio. We have designed the product based on our core values of quality and simplicity. The device really holds true to snom’s ideal of excellent sound quality and even across a network of 100 metres of cabling, there is no reduction in sound quality.

“The PA1 is a cost-effective, high-quality solution for all business needing a SIP-based public address system.”

Callum Byrnes