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A new report by analysts Research and Markets predicts that business VoIP may soon include video transmissions among its offerings.

The report, entitled ‘Global – VoIP – Overviews & Insights’, bases its prediction on the fact that business VoIP is one of the few sectors operating out of the recent economic downturn in which ongoing success continues to incentivise market players to invest in ever more improved and sophisticated solutions.

Each business VoIP provider is therefore, according to the report, currently extremely keen to add value to its existing IP telephony services package as soon as it can.

The report analyses the development of business VoIP in recent years, noting that a combination of improved technologies and substantial client benefits have led to what is now a mature and healthy area of activity; and one which is expected to demonstrate continued growth in future years.

The report pinpoints the success of business VoIP as being primarily based on its capacity to offer cheaper phone bills to companies. This is because business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) involves companies switching from making calls over conventional telephone exchanges to instead sending voice messages over the internet. The caller and receiver experience no differences in the way they dial and receive the calls but the more expensive telephone exchange tariff no longer applies.

The report also highlights two other imminent developments likely to come about as the result of similar industry focus and investment, which are also likely to benefit business VoIP users in the near future.

The first of these – long-distance calling over business VoIP – could, according to the report, begin to be heavily promoted later in the year.

The second – mobile VoIP – is, the report says, currently seen as an area of growing importance among market players in both the EU and US.

Callum Byrnes