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New VoIP processor unveiled

SiTel Business Solutions has unveiled its brand new business VoIP processor, which it claims will mean energy savings for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The SC14461 Green VoIP chip is central to the brand new IP8802 desktop business phone launched by hardware manufacturer LG-Ericsson.

The chip is among the latest additions to the company’s ‘green’ processor range and it claims the hardware has one of the efficient rates of energy consumption on the market. It also points out that it has been designed to appeal to cost-conscious businesses looking to take their first steps into IP telephony. As such, some of the features of the SC14461 are limited, but the company states that it has all the basics covered, including high sound quality due to an acoustic echo canceller and three way conference calling. The processor also conforms to industry standard IP telephony security standards, including standards such as TLSSRTP and DLTSSRTP.

The chip’s multiple core architecture has been designed to be compatible with its more advanced sibling, the SC14452, making it easier for makers of phones to develop a range of phones aimed at different markets, and for a business VoIP provider to better integrate with their IP telephony systems.
Head of research and development for LG-Ericsson, ST Park, said:

“Energy saving and sound quality are no longer the features required by high end and mid-range desktops. Powered by the SC14461, the IP8802 brings these necessary qualities to the low end enterprise VOIP market.

“The device is very cost effective and simple to install. It is also very easy to use and it offers a range of features for an excellent user experience.”

SiTel has stated that the chip is an example of their pledge to make environmentally friendly, power efficient phones. It is hoped that it becomes the mainstay for many business phones systems for SMEs, with Product Marketing Manager Mark De Clerq commenting:

“LG-Ericsson’s decision to use it in their new desktop phone are evidence of both the maturity of the Green VoIP range and its value in low-end applications.”

Callum Byrnes