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New version of Asterisk business VoIP software out ‘later this year’

A new version of Asterisk, the cornerstone software relied on by most business VoIP services, is due for public release this autumn, according to Malcolm Davenport, a respected source at Asterisk’s development company, Digium.

Although the new release is not expected to introduce any major modifications, it will still, according to Davenport, provide users with some important and useful updates. As such, the news is likely to be picked up with strong interest by many business VoIP users and providers.

Asterisk is a sophisticated, multi-platform software application which operates in the same way as a physical telephone exchange; in other words by facilitating working connections between each phone within an organisation, whilst at the same time enabling each of these phones to link up to external telecommunications networks.

Asterisk’s versatility has resulted in it serving as an integral part of both traditional business phone systems and, significantly, as the driving force behind more modern internet-based phone connection systems – the latter being commonly referred to as business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services.

Take up of business VoIP is currently extremely strong, and expected to grow substantially further, owing to the advantages that making calls over the internet has over the use of traditional business phone systems via conventional telephone network lines. Among these advantages is a significantly lower tariff rate per call, resulting in real savings to the bottom lines of many companies.

The release of the new version of Asterisk – version 1.10 – following its beta and release candidate stages said to be taking place this summer – will therefore be eyed with keen anticipation by VoIP market players and end users.

The next major release in Asterisk is due to take place in late October 2015 – five years after the previous main development came onto the market.

Callum Byrnes