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Fans of B2B data website LeadFerret are already able to access more than 14 million business contacts free of charge. Adding to this, the company has announced that users will soon have access a specialised search page, allowing them to search for and view full details for contacts working with managed service providers (MSPs).

Although managed service providers are by no means new, they have come under a number of names. A managed service provider is essentially a third-party company offering network-based equipment, applications and services to firms unable or unwilling to offer the services themselves. Previous monikers include Software as a Service, or SaaS, and Application Service Provider, or ASP.

Another common term coupled with this kind of service is ‘lean manufacturing’, as firms that fit in this category tend to use managed service providers in order to improve their efficiency. Previously, the term was most commonly used to cover infrastructure services which were taken out on subscription. However, with the advent of cloud technology, management services and managed IT services are now synonymous.

One of LeadFerret’s co-founders, Forest Cassidy, explained:

“Managed Service Providers are forced to be on the cutting edge of technology to stay relevant. If they can’t do their job effectively, efficiently, and economically, their clients aren’t getting any of the value from outsourcing whatever service they provide.”

He went on to say that the new list should be seen as a crucial resource for companies which are looking to market their products to large tech-driven companies.

Managed service providers are often hosting companies or access providers which offer information technology services. A prime example of this would be a completely outsourced network management arrangement which includes IP telephony, VPNs, call centre management, reporting and monitoring of network servers and managed firewalls.

Callum Byrnes