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New Lower Snom Prices – VTech Taking Over Snom Manufacturing

As if Snom being acquired by children’s toy manufacturer VTech was not strange enough, the German premium IP phone brand has started the year with a large price reduction that we’re passing on to you.

Some models have been reduced by up to 15% and you will see the updated price points in your Metis account this afternoon.

All of Snom’s hardware production will be taken over by the Hong-Kong based, global “edutainment” brand (cringe) and world-leading cordless phone manufacturer, VTech.

VTech’s manufacturing capabilities are huge, they are a major player in several business sectors ranging from hospitality handsets to your kid’s favourite pseudo-laptop, and by consolidating production across their group they are raking in huge savings.

Instead of sticking said savings into their back pocket, which admittedly must be tempting having just splashed a couple of bob, they have passed them onto their partners and end users.

Snom is renowned in the VoIP industry for producing quality IP phones and other telephony hardware. Often billing their products as a sophisticated take on the IP phone sector, and their high standards “coming from [their] German heritage.”

And if Snom’s press release is to be believed, none of this will change. They address product quality specifically by stating “Snom will never make compromises: their products will continue to maintain their well known high-quality level”.

Hopefully, Snom sticks to their word. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, to see your new Snom prices, log into your Metis account, call us on 01616602350 (7878) or email

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