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August 27, 2008 | Callum Douglas - Byrnes

We have been asked by many customers if they can setup their mobile phones to make SIP calls. The answer we have given them has been both yes and no. The main UK operators don’t really like the idea of voip/sip calls being made from your mobile handset. If you have received a mobile phone from your chosen supplier then chances are that the firmware has been altered in some way and that the ability to use the inbuilt internet phone application has been removed. For us here at Packnet we discovered that the SIP functionality which was built into the Nokia N81 was partially there hence rendering it useless.

So we decided to look around for an application that would allow users to utilise our SIP network from their mobile phones. The criteria was that the app would need to be simple to install, well supported and have optional extras that may be of use to our users. After much looking we came across FRING.

Here was something we liked. It covered almost all the phone we could think of that our users would have, although it must be noted that there isn’t a version for Blackberry but hopefully there will be soon. It was simple to setup and the website has lots of helpful information and videos on how things should work and be installed.
This one shows how to make a sip call using Fring:

Within 1 hour we had all phones up and running and they became part of the wider office communication network.

So our advise to customers from here on is, if you want to make SIP calls from your mobile install Fring and we will have you running in no time at all.

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