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The North Carolina Senior Care Council (NcSCC), an organisation which is part of a US-wide group providing care provision for the over-65s, says it has replaced its inefficient and confusing mixture of three different ageing business phone systems with a single state of the art business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone service.

Rather than embark on a wholesale programme of hardware replacement for its new internet protocol (IP) telephony system, the NcSCC says it has instead opted to access the network via the cloud, using the services of a host business VoIP provider.

According to the NcSCC, the benefits of the new business VoIP system include the capacity it affords management of enjoying complete control over the functionality of the system, without needing to embark on any physical rewiring or rerouting.

The NcSCC also points to several other advantageous features integral to the system, including: tailored customer call routing; sophisticated auto attendance provision; and a ‘Find Me, Follow Me’ service.

In addition, the NcSCC has been keen to point out that using a host business VoIP provider has eliminated any worries the organisation might have over maintenance or systems failure; since, it says, all technical provision and support is fully taken care of by the host company.

Commenting on the NcSCC’s original decision to switch its business phone systems to one provided through IP telephony, the organisation’s president, David Cole, said he had initially been impressed as an outside caller with the business VoIP system in place at a separate organisation, Aging with Grace:

‘Aging with Grace is an organisation with which we have a strategic alliance. I happen to be aware of the fact that…their support staff work at many different locations. But each time you call in, you feel as if you are calling an integrated, single company, and it’s very seamless’, Mr Cole said.

Callum Byrnes