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A number of government departments and large organisations are investing too much into telecommunications services, according to an expenses control expert in New Zealand.

ZiCi, which is based in Parnell, utilises business intelligence and data-mining in order to help its clients manage telecommunications.

Sanjay Ram, CEO of the firm, said that it has made substantial savings on the behalf of its clients. ZiCi worked recently with a government department and managed to help it save $400,000 per year simply by assessing its telecommunications systems – these substantial savings became apparent in less than three months.

In the last six months, the company has seen more than $200,000 in annual savings for a number of clients.

Ram claimed that over-provisioning is often a result of organic growth, and said that services are provisioned as and when they are needed but there is nobody to monitor what is being distributed, so services simply remain on. He said that ZiCi can identify non-functioning, provisioned services.

With pressures mounting on IT expenditure, increased telecommunications visibility has become a trend in the last few years. As people have become more aware of the over-provisioning, many wish invest savings into IT plans.
Ram explained:

“It feels like there is an IT refresh cycle on at the moment. And that refresh cycle is being funded from savings rather than capex.”

He went on to suggest that the move to mobility and IP telephony has resulted in a rise in demand for mobile data usage reports. He said:

“Delivering business services on smartphones and tablets has become such a big part of business and the cost of that data layer is coming under the telecommunications spend.”

ZiCi, which has two consultants and nine in-house employees, is expecting to see significant growth in the field of mobile data analysis.

Callum Byrnes