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August 26, 2013 | Callum Douglas - Byrnes

U.S. company Ipsmarx released an SIP trunking service earlier this month allowing service providers to relieve complexities that exist around routing and billing management, expand income potential and cut down on expenses – all simply by using a lone turnkey system.

The firm’s latest addition to its range of offerings puts service providers in a position to offer a number of channels with each DID number, and charges for them on either a ‘pay as you go’ basis or as part of a monthly contract, with various rate plans.

The service is aimed at providers of wholesale VoIP origination who require a total solution in order to manage billing and routing for SIP-based DIDs.

The firm’s tech sales rep, Andrea Lopez, said:

“The SIP Trunking Solution gives service providers the functionalities they need to optimize revenue streams, save on costs and gain an edge over the competition using a simplified yet flexible management system. For example, service providers can now offer multiple channels with each DID number and automatically charge for these per minute, per call or per month with different rate plans.”

Service providers, by using the facility, can tap into new streams of income by offering PBXs, SIP-enabled devices and IP-based systems such as softswitches.

Ipsmarx conducts research in-house, which enables the firm to put out multifaceted offerings that provide benefits to a number of areas in the VoIP market in the U.S. and Canada.

Arash Vahidnia, CEO of Ipsmarx, said that, although the retail sector continues to show high demand, a large portion of the growth in SIP trunking is in the commercial sector. Infonetics say that 58% of businesses intend to turn to SIP trunking in the next couple of years. Vahidnia added that, thanks to the new solution, service providers are in a better position to capitalise on this demand.

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