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Experts in SIP trunking and IP telephony will be among the most in demand professionals this year, according to an industry expert.

Website SMEweb reports that Information Technology experts will be much sought after by small and medium sized businesses this year, as the number of students taking degrees related in some way to IT has decreased by half in the last decade.

This has led to an increase in the fees commanded by such experts; the average salary in the industry has risen by more than 10 per cent since 2009, with a typical wage of £32,500 demanded for PHP developers.

The report notes that the current job market is weighted towards candidates, as those with the right skill sets find themselves being cherry-picked for the top jobs available in fast moving companies. As more SMEs find themselves taking advantage of the flexibility and lower operating costs of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony, the typical business VoIP provider will want to position itself to provide these services and maintain equipment.

Jason Baker, a specialist in IT recruitment, agreed. He said:

“IT professionals are in high demand partly because there are 50 per cent fewer students taking IT related degrees compared with 10 years ago, so there’s a shortage of highly skilled candidates.

“Companies that have the attitude that the candidate is in a subservient position are losing out to businesses that view the process as a partnership.”

The report states how many VoIP resellers will need to offer competitive employment packages in order to grow and take advantage of the business VoIP market, which has been predicted to experience rapid growth in 2011 by many industry pundits. One of the main areas expected to see growth is the use of mobile VoIP, which allows Smartphone users to take advantage of the technology.

Callum Byrnes