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The expanding ‘new town’ of Milton Keynes is to benefit from a broadening of the town’s high speed broadband cable network, planned for completion by the end of 2012

The high speed network, which is run by the UK’s main telecommunications infrastructure provider, BT, currently services 11,000 businesses and homes in the town. BT’s planned expansion of its network is expected to result in an additional 20,000 homes and businesses being able to access high speed broadband signals.

In addition, BT says it hopes to significantly increase internet speeds on part of the network by next spring; with those homes and businesses receiving broadband directly into their premises (FTTP) – as opposed to receiving the service via a street cabinet (FTTC) – expected to enjoy speeds of up to 300Mbps by spring 2012.

Commenting on the plans, BT South East regional director, John Weaver, said:

‘At a stroke, small and medium sized firms will have access to big business speeds at much lower costs allowing them to find new markets, boost their competitiveness and create new jobs’.

Weaver also cited several other benefits of high speed broadband, including ability to access ‘high quality voice and video calls’, and to permit ‘flexible and remote working’.

These latter benefits – involving what is generally known as internet protocol (IP) telephony, and, more specifically, business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) have been seen in action in an increasing number of businesses across the country which are able to access a high speed broadband connection.

One of the factors also helping to facilitate the growth of IP telephony has also been the ability of firms to access IP telephony provision via a host business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller, rather than needing to invest in the necessary IP telephony equipment themselves.

Callum Byrnes