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Google Webmaster Tools DNS Issues

We had some reports recently that Google Webmaster Tools was reporting DNS issues with sitemaps and the ability to read you sitemap.xml or sitemap.gz.xml files. Upon investigation of this we couldn’t really find any good reason for this going on. We did find a link in the google webmaster help section which showed that the problem was not local and was happening all over. The dates also where also the same as customer reporting and this again suggested that the problem lay somewhere within google, but yet we couldn’t find out where.

During investigations we found some very useful new tools to check the status and health of both your domain, name servers and mail servers which serve your domain, and thought it would be handy for other s to know about them.

We have always been avid users of DNS Stuff but since they started charging for the majority of their services its not as easy to get the average user to sign up for an account.

So here are some of our worthwhile links to use when checking for DNS issues:

DNS Check Test your NAME SERVERS
IntoDNS Test your DNS Servers and Mail Servers

Callum Byrnes