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German IP telephony hardware manufacturer Gigaset has lifted the lid on its new desk-bound voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones, which are aimed at the expanding small to medium business market.

The firm states that the two brand new desk phones and three PBX phones of the Gigaset Pro line make use of what VoIP has to offer, including reliability, interoperability and the option to scale a communications network as a business expands and employs more people.

Gigaset’s Vice President, Jan Costa Thiele, said that they aimed to enable any VoIP reseller to enable SMEs to capitalise on not only the cheaper phone calls that IP telephony has to offer, but the wealth of features that put them at an advantage over more traditional communications networks. He said:

“Because all the new products are interoperable with one another and all our existing products, SMEs can easily install the products and scale as and when necessary without having to do expensive installations.
“We can also offer connectivity between offices around the world so we can scale the system to meet users’ needs, and we expect the corded IP desk phone market to hit 45 million units by 2014 as this is how businesses are starting to communicate.”

The new models include the DX800A, which is a standalone PBX that can accommodate up to seven lines and which Gigaset is aiming at home or branch offices. It is also Bluetooth enabled, with an option to transfer calls from a mobile phone to a desk based one, whilst continuing to use the mobile’s payment tariff to make use of any free minutes.

The middle of the range sets include the TX300, which accommodates up to around 15 users, as well as the TX500, which is able to handle between 30 and 100 lines. The flagship models are the DE900 and DE700, which the company says are large scale VoIP phones.

Callum Byrnes