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Connectivity systems and VoIP service provider Forerunner Technologies has announced that it has acquired all of the assets in Earthlink’s NEC Systems Business unit.

The firm has traditionally supplied institutional clients and companies in the northeast of the US with service, sales and telecommunications equipment. However, Earthlink makes the same kind of services available – installation, repair and maintenance of communications hardware – to commercial clients in more 10 states, most of which are in the southeast.

Forerunner Technologies’ CEO, Jim Wallace, said that by acquiring the service and maintenance contracts of Earthlink, the firm is able to complement its plan to speed up its growth across the country. He stated that Forerunner is determined to continue offering customers of Earthlink the kind of service quality that they have received over the years.

Michael D. Toplisek, head of Sales and Marketing at Earthlink, added:

“We know our customers will be well-taken care of by Forerunner’s team. This divestiture allows us to focus our energies on our robust core of award-winning Cloud and IT services, including hosted VoIP.

“EarthLink is excited about the additional opportunities that have already been identified for Forerunner and EarthLink to work together in the future.”

This isn’t the first time that Forerunner has developed its services outside of the northeast. In February last year, it managed to acquire service contracts from Teltronics, a firm in Tampa, Florida, amid bankruptcy formalities. For each of the transactions, Forerunner benefited from investment banking services provided by DAK Capital, LLC.

The main focus of the company is IP telephony via management, support, education and sales drives, all of which fit well into the rapidly expanding converged communications field. Forerunner claims that it uses its understanding of the wide range of technology choices available to SMEs to guide its clients through the best options before providing comprehensive product support.

Callum Byrnes