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The revenue from EMEA IP telephony continues to grow, despite a marginal set back following the global recession of 2008. By 2015, it is expected that sales will pass the £5.1bn mark, representing a Compound Annual Growth Rate of nearly 12%.

These findings come as part of a new study conducted by IDC, which also highlighted the need that many companies have in replacing their out dated voice platforms.

Whilst it is the replacement of these TDM or IP platforms which will make up the baseline of the growth, new installations throughout the UK may well improve on these figures further.

The study also went on to stress the importance that companies integrate their IP telephony with Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) tools.

Seen as essential requirement with remote working becoming ever more common, the provision of UC&C tools, will allow UK Plc to become more flexible in its approach to daily business.

The study’s author, Michael Vorisek of IDC, said the future of IP telephony is clear, no matter what the future holds with regards to the economy of Europe, because of the clear benefits the technology brings to the corporate board room tables.

However, the Senior Research Analyst also went on to warn providers that they would need to be in a position to move quickly, in order to service the quickly changing needs of their customers.

One area that will certainly be put in the spotlight is the ability that individual businesses have to spend on new hardware. It is with this in mind that hosted providers with an ability to resell at preferential rates could offer a solution.

This is certainly the case for smaller businesses, looking to innovate and save money, whilst at the same time providing their clients with a maintained or improved level of service.

Callum Byrnes