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A respected commentator on the IT industry has urged businesses to switch from using mobile phone payment plans for staff, and instead opt for a company-wide business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) solution.

In an article published in PC Advisor, Liane Cassavoy argues that payment plans which enable employees to communicate with each other via smartphone can ultimately add up to a significant drain on corporate resources.

Providing a business VoIP connection instead for all staff would, she writes, offer an appreciable reduction in outlay:

‘With VoIP you will be paying a lot less for the privilege of making calls, perhaps marking it out as the ultimate choice’, she argues.

Cassavoy has even declared what she believes might be a ballpark savings figure for an enterprise adopting business VoIP over a mobile payment plan.

By switching, she says, a business can save around £25.50 for every smartphone currently being used by company personnel.

Cassavoy is among many industry commentators currently highlighting the economic advantages of securing a business VoIP system.

The arguments encouraging firms to take advantage of the cheaper phone costs associated with business VoIP have become all the more compelling given that internet protocol (IP) telephony technology has itself become more financially accessible to small and medium sized businesses.

This accessibility has been brought about partly through the use of session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking technology, which adapts existing business phone systems to make them compatible with IP telephony signals.

Business VoIP can also be far less burdensome on corporate investment funds where it is available at reasonable contract rates through a host company; such as a business VoIP provider, or VoIP reseller, for example.

Certainly, Cassavoy’s recommendation to businesses is unequivocal:

‘Dump your voice plan…and use a VoIP service’, she says.

Callum Byrnes