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Draytek unveils new phone system aimed at SMEs

Draytek, the Taiwanese manufacturer of business phone systems, has announced the launch of the VigorIPPBX 3510, a telephone system aimed at small to medium enterprises.

The new hardware can support a network of up to 50 people, and can accommodate up to 100 internet protocol extensions, which can be used by office bound staff and employees working from home or out on the road.

The company claims that the hardware offers more security as well as IP telephony, as it comes complete with the firewall software and virtual private network (VPN) settings found on their VigorIPPBX 2820 model.

The 3510 aims to provide a versatile platform to enable businesses to create an IP telephony network configurable to individual job functions, by including PSTN, ISDN and SIP trunking. The company says that this enables users to control their privacy, by way of transmitting a specific caller ID, or even blocking it entirely.

The new hardware is also aimed at simplifying the job for administrators, with a new wildcard setting available to configure the hardware’s digit map for smoother SIP trunking. This means that specific numbers can be assigned their own particular trunk, which can enable businesses to save money by opting for cheaper call routing for heavily used numbers.

Draytek also stresses that the VigorIPPBX 3510 is much more user friendly when it comes to handling incoming telephone calls. If an employee is not present at the office, the call can easily be routed elsewhere. For example, it may be diverted to voice mail, a hunt group comprising of other employees, or a specified extension such as a team leader. A call can also be diverted to a SIP trunk to reach the employee directly, for example a home number or mobile phone.

Additionally, the records of all calls can be exported if required, to enable easy monitoring of calls made and received.

Callum Byrnes