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Digium, the organisation behind Asterisk, the popular open source software solution for the internet protocol (IP) telephony and business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) industries, has announced the appointment of David Duffett in the role of Asterisk Community Director.

Duffett’s new role will involve the promotion and general communication of the benefits of Asterisk technology among both potential and existing Digium clients on a global scale.

The move comes at a time when Asterisk software is being increasingly considered worldwide as one of the most effective building blocks underpinning the successful implementation of IP telephony and business VoIP systems; communications technologies which have themselves been steadily growing in popularity owing to the increased flexibility and potential cost savings they offer over traditional landline-based business phone systems.

Asterisk has been particularly noted for its compatibility with the type of hosted IP telephony service managed by a business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller, through which many smaller businesses have been able to secure IP telephony and business VoIP capability without having to undergo the considerable expense of capital outlay on in-house telephony equipment.

In appointing Duffett in his new role, Digium has been keen to emphasise their new director’s impressive strong track record in Asterisk, as well as his personal passion for the technology.

Duffett, the organisation points out, is a Digium-certified Asterisk professional (dCAP), and is noted for having led presentations at every one of Digium’s annual Asterisk conferences.

Duffett is also known to have contributed to several books and articles regarding Asterisk, including writing an entire chapter of the recent third edition of the O’Reilly Media publication, ‘Asterisk: The Definitive Guide’.

He is also famed for having run the UK’s inaugural Asterisk training ‘bootcamp’.

Following Duffett’s appointment, Asterisk’s founder, Mark Spencer, commented on Duffett’s ‘enthusiasm’ for both Asterisk and telephony in general, describing his passion as ‘nothing short of inspirational.’

Callum Byrnes