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A top California-based sauna manufacturer and distributor, Sauna Works, has commented on marking five years since adopting its business VoIP system.

The company says that business VoIP has not only significantly reduced its phone costs (one of the main benefits usually cited for adopting business VoIP), but that it has also helped improve client relations.

Sauna Works’ VoIP system was in fact introduced back in 2006 chiefly to help staff keep in regular contact with potential clients (staff were often working away from the main office); with business VoIP the same phone number can be used by clients to reach a company representative, regardless of that representative’s location.

Even more impressively, with automated call-routing via business VoIP, Sauna Works says its clients need now only dial a single number to reach any one of the company’s staff. Once through to Sauna Works the client is directed to a particular contact via an automated system; or possibly to an equally helpful different shift worker using the same extension.

The VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system used by Sauna Works is controlled by a host business VoIP provider. One of the main advantages of using a host VoIP provider or host VoIP reseller is that there are fewer set-up and maintenance costs for the client company.

Interestingly, although Sauna Works has been using the same VoIP supplier for five years, this has not been the result of any particular contractual proprietary tie-in; the system used by Sauna Works is based on open source technology, meaning that it does not bind the company to stay with any one type of proprietary VoIP solution.

Negating the myth that those companies adopting VoIP need to completely abandon analogue lines, Sauna Works continues to use both internet protocol (IP) telephony and more traditional telephone lines simultaneously.

Callum Byrnes