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Business Consort Networking Event Wilmslow January 2009

We’ve been around for a few years at Packnet, but we’re probably not the best know company in Manchester………yet. So we’ve joined up with the excellent people at Business Consort in Wilmslow as gold members to get to meet more people and to raise our profile. Although we’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks, we’ve generated some solid leads in that short time and got our name in front of a lot of new contacts. We went along to our first event on Jan 29th at the Aston Martin showroom in Wilmslow. I would have to say that this was easily the best networking event I have ever been to. All the people I met were friendly, and ready to do business but more importantly keen on listening to what we at Packnet offer and having proper conversations about who they know that they could refer us to. I also met some folks on the night that we can do business with directly, which is always an added bonus at any networking event. Our main business thrust year is going to be around VoIP or as it’s sometimes called, Hosted IP Telephony and it looks like the people we’re starting to talk with can help us achieve our targets for 2009. Again the great thing about all the people we’ve met or messaged is that they are nearly all decision makers, and you can never speak to too many of those. Add to all this the free food, drinks and proper cocktails thrown in for no extra cost, not only was it a good business event, but a good night out as well………………must remember not to take the car to every event.

We’ve also used the Business Consort system to message over 100 other members who are in the same IT/IP/Telephony space as ourselves and have already had meetings as a result of this.

Part of the gold member package is getting a mail out to over 350,000 addresses, so if you happen to receive the mail which is going out early February 2009, please click on our link. This comes out on the Business Consort newsletter. We’re going to be attending as many events as possible in the future, starting off with the next breakfast event, (someone told me the bacon rolls are really good) and we’ll be bringing some friends from different businesses to see what they think of it as well. If you’re thinking about joining a networking org, we would definitely recommend talking to Dawn McGruer at Business Consort. For the money it is just great value.

Hopefully we’ll see you there.

Callum Byrnes