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Leading US current affairs broadcaster ABC News has shown the extent to which business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) can be truly mobile, by deploying the services of a host business VoIP provider in order to access voice, email and fax communications facilities when covering outside broadcast events around the country.

It is understood that the broadcaster’s new business VoIP facility can enable its reporters and production staff to communicate with both internal and external contacts just as if they were in their office environment.

In addition, as well as not being restricted by geographical location, the new business VoIP system is also believed to be capable of simultaneous use at different broadcast locations.

As with many standard hosted business VoIP and internet protocol (IP) telephony systems, ABC‘s solution is understood to benefit from emergency back-up resources, enabling communications to continue as normal in the event of any local failings, such as storm damage.

Among the outside broadcast events believed to have been managed using the new business VoIP system are both the Republican National Convention, which took place in Florida, and the Democratic National Convention, held in North Carolina.

Hosted business VoIP and IP telephony services, which are often supplied via a remote specialist business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller, have become increasingly popular in recent years, both in the UK and the US. This is perhaps because they can usually avoid many of the challenges associated with the in-house deployment of IP telephony systems, including not only the heavy capital cost of equipment deployment, but also the often sizeable expense of IT maintenance contracts.

Another key benefit of hosted business VoIP and IP telephony services is that the control hub is situated away from the operations centre, meaning that back-up is always to hand whenever a local emergency takes place.

Callum Byrnes