VOIP Switchboard & Call Management Platform

Switchboard is a web-based, real time, visual representation of your business's inbound and outbound call flows. It can be used as both an oversight tool and a functional call management platform. All calls that are being handled, and all waiting calls within your organisation can be seen at a glance.

The Main Switchboard panel gives a graphical overview of all users within the business.

PackNet Switchboard

Switchboard Features

Address book

Fully integrated address book with image upload. The information within this is used for screen popping information associated to incoming calls.

Integrated options

Integrated options of how the switchboard works with you.

Instant Messaging between team members

Leave your colleagues a message via the built in instant messaging service.

Chrome Browser Extension and configuration options

The switchboard Chrome browser extension is easy to set up and opens up a number of further features including clickable numbers and on-screen call pop ups.

Visual Voicemail and playback

Within the voicemail manager you will find useful information such as the caller ID, the date the voicemail was left and even the duration. You can download and stream your voicemails straight from here.

Menu Bar

The menu bar has multiple functions including making calls, transferring calls (Blind and Attended), transfer to external number, voicemail or mobile, pickup call ringing at other phone, listen into calls and whisper to colleague or hang up the call.