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The technical help desk is manned by our own in house staff and is available during business hours from 8.30AM till 5.30PM Monday to Friday.

Contact our support team by phone
0161 660 2350 (select option 1)

Available 8.30AM till 5.30PM Monday to Friday

From an IP handset which is connected to the PackNet VoIP network - 7878

Faxes to PackNet support should be sent to +44 (0)161 660 9825

PackNet Live Remote Support

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Andi Bullough
Support Engineer


Dan Moran
Support Engineer


Callum Douglas-Byrnes
Operations Manager

We offer support on both the services that we offer and the equipment that we provide to our partners. We have been offering voip and sip services to our customers since 2007 so we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge about the technology of both voip and connectivity.

The helpdesk team can be contacted by phone or email. The helpdesk function is also there to provide information and advice on everything from how to use a phone to what's the best way to setup our local network when looking at installing voip as a service.

The helpdesk team can also speak directly to your customers in a white labeled capacity allowing you to get on with the business of creating new customer relationships.

Customer Service and Technical support really are the shop window to your business. Packnet allow you to utilise the helpdesk function to make your business works better and stronger.