About Us

Based in Manchester and set-up in 2003, Packnetā€™s origins can be traced back to the delivery of bespoke open source software solutions to the Telecommunications sector.

Negotiations for a new internal phone system in 2007 saw the company diversify by utilising their technological expertise to create their first ever Voice over IP (VoIP) system in 2008.

Packnet Metis platform

The development of the Packnet Metis platform has provided customers with the visibility and confidence to manage their own telephony network end-to-end.

With 13 staff providing consultative and technical support Packnet offer an unparalleled and unified business communications service that encompasses phone calls, faxes, e-mail, web, teleconferencing and more.

The creation of a fully managed portal via the construction of a hosted voice platform translates to three remote data centres in Manchester and London and the ability to provide a business to business (B2B) offering that already hosts millions of calls each month and delivers on key operational requirements like adaptability, cost, efficiency, scalability and resilience while ensuring a first-class end user experience.


Metis is a cloud hosted business VoIP solution, which is fully scalable, low cost, feature rich, and has a cancel anytime 30 day contract.