What is VoIP?

VoIP (short for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”) is the transmission of voice communication via the internet – done so via IP-based telephony networks. Often referred to as “internet telephony” or “IP telephony”, VoIP has become very popular over recent years due to the cost advantages for consumers and businesses compared to traditional telephony networks.

Due to all calls being made over the web, long-distance and international call charges are greatly reduced – and also aren’t confined to using a standard telephone handset, as calls can be made through the use of a computer or internet-enabled device.

Although VoIP popularity has risen in the consumer market with the dominance of Skype, VoIP can be greatly beneficial to businesses – especially for companies that are making a lot of calls on a daily basis (ie. call centres), or those that are in active international communication. VoIP helps to greatly reduce the costs associated with traditional telephony, while providing the portability and scalability that business communication requires.

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