How Does VoIP Work?

Unlike traditional telephony, there isn’t the need for hardware and extensive setup time (and cost) with a business VoIP system. With a traditional telephone system you have a wired line into your office that is associated with a telephone number – meaning there isn’t a great deal of scope for change. With a VoIP system, however, number provisioning and telephone number routing is very straight forward, meaning that numbers can easily be assigned without the lead times associated with companies such as BT.

The great benefit of this is that if you need to hot desk, or you are away from the office and still need to receive calls, this can be easily done by routing incoming calls to a soft phone (via computer or smart phone), or to a separate VoIP phone. Similarly, with voice mails sent via the web, they can be automatically emailed to the appropriate recipient as opposed to being physically stored on the network within the office.

A complete diagram of how VoIP works will be available soon.

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