Packnet’s VoIP Hardware



Access Points

Draytek Corp are providers of high quality ADSL, VDSL, and Cable routers and security devices. They also provide a range of Networking equipment including Gigabit and Power over Ethernet switches.

Packnet have teamed up with Draytek to provide an excellent range of equipment at a price point which gives excellent value for money. Packnet take care of the logistical side of the transactions and 2nd line support of the devices.

Draytek provide hardware which will meet the needs of SoHo to Business to Enterprise, providing ADSL / VDSL routers, WAN side routers, POE and standard Switches.

Draytek VDSL routers are fully compliant to BT SIN 498 standards. This means you can use them in place of a BT Openreach modem.