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U.S. army members may soon find themselves taking advantage of the numerous voice over internet protocol (VoIP) features available after an announcement that there is to be an investment in this technology by the military.

An army contract worth $14.4m (or £9.57m) has been given to a technology firm in the U.S. now responsible for deploying the solution. The website explained how a VoIP system will now be deployed in Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood site and will replace the dated and ageing telecommunications system currently doing the job.

The benefits of utilising business VoIP are commonly known the world over and it appears now that the army wants to reap similar rewards. In these days of budget cuts and austerity, departments in a wide range of industries will be keeping an eye on their expenditure, so making the transition to VoIP would seem like a smart way to avoid overstepping the mark.

The U.S. Department of Defense carries out a major part of its training schedule at Fort Leonard Wood, where it performs such tasks as truck driving, civil support and earth moving on a routine basis.

Once VoIP is deployed at the base, the army will quickly come to see how much it will gain. One specific benefit will be making calls internationally, as they will be run over IP links as opposed to standard copper lines, which will save enormously on costs.

Users can ensure that there are an adequate number of lines on hand to reply to calls, as well as deal with busy traffic periods, while at the same time limiting any wastage.

The most favourable aspect for the army in the switch is that there will be limited requirements of money or time for VoIP to be maintained. It is easy to run when at its best, which could be a huge advantage to a department facing high levels of pressure.

Callum Byrnes